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The Texas Department of Banking has become aware of a fraudulent website purporting to be a bank with a branch located in Pflugerville, Texas. The website,, claims to belong to Brickstone Trust Bank, headquartered in Ghana, with branches in London, England and Pflugerville, Texas.

The website is not associated with any known bank. No bank by that name has been authorized to do business in Texas, nor does the Texas Department of Banking, the FDIC or the Federal Reserve supervise any bank by that name. No bank branches are located at the London and Pflugerville addresses listed on the website. Furthermore, the Texas Department of Banking has information indicating that the website has been used as part of a scam to obtain a person’s money and personal identification documents.

Consumers should consider any communication involving Brickstone Trust Bank or the website to be an attempt to collect personal or confidential information and to fraudulently obtain funds. Anyone with information about this purported bank or its website should contact the Texas Department of Banking at or call toll free (877)276-5554.

The Texas Department of Banking Commissioner Charles G. Cooper has issued an Emergency Cease and Desist order against Brickstone Trust Bank and its agents and operators. The full text of the order can be viewed on the Department’s website

The Texas Department of Banking is located at 2601 N. Lamar Blvd in Austin, Texas and can be reached at (512) 475-1300 or toll free at (877) 276-5554.