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ATM Security

ATMs are a great convenience that offers you around the clock access to your cash.

As with all financial transactions, it is important to follow some common sense guidelines.

ATM Security Checklist

  • Always keep your card in a safe place.
  • Safeguard your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Never lend your card to anyone and never share your PIN.
  • Do not carry your PIN in your wallet or purse. Never write it on your card.
  • Never give out your card information or PIN over the telephone.
  • Report your card lost or stolen as soon as you become aware it is missing.

ATM Security

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid ATMs that have places nearby to hide, such as shrubs or corners.
  • Have your card in your hand and ready to use when you approach the ATM.
  • Visually inspect the ATM for possible skimming devices. Look for sticky residue or evidence of an adhesive used by criminals to affix the device to the machine. Scratches, damaged or crooked pieces and loose or extra attachments on the card slot should all be considered suspicious.
  • Make sure no one can see you enter your PIN. Shield the keyboard with your body if necessary.
  • Be wary of strangers offering to help you at the ATM.
  • Always take your receipts with you.
  • Do not count or display your money at the ATM. Place it out of sight and count it later.
  • When using a drive up ATM, keep your passenger windows rolled up and your doors locked. Leave enough room to maneuver between your car and the car ahead of you in line.
  • Reconcile your monthly bank statements and report any questionable withdrawals to us.

Special Precautions for Using an ATM at Night

  • Take someone with you when possible.
  • Park close if you must walk up to the ATM.
  • If the ATM is not well lit, don’t use it.

We want you to enjoy the convenience of using our ATMs and hope you feel safe at our locations. Contact any of our branches or call Customer Service toll free at 1-800-880-0649 to report anything suspicious or that may need attention, such as lights that are not properly lit at night.